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Finally landing on the bottom, Bond gets Obanno into a chokehold. Carlos attaches an explosive charge disguised as a keyring to a refueling tanker and starts driving it towards the plane.

The ambassador appears and orders Bond to let Mollaka go. Please fill your email to form below. Confirm Something went wrong, please try again. Vesper visits Bond and they confess their love for each other.

The broker for the deal is a Mr. Bond later sneaks into M's home and hacks her top-level clearance so he can trace where the cell phone call originated from. Le Chiffre uses a large knotted rope, striking Bond's scrotum, demanding the password for the account the winnings have been secured in. Carlos Nikolic Claudio Santamaria.

Please help us to describe the issue so we can fix it asap. Bond places a tracking device in Le Chiffre's inhaler and takes Vesper back to their room. White, which he theorized she left for him on purpose.

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Casino Royale

Carlos, about to detonate his explosive keyring, unaware that Bond has attached it to his belt loop. Thank you, your vote was recorded and will show soon. Bond reveals he has a straight flush and wins the game and all the money. Bond, shaken, returns to the game.

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Bond refuses, despite Le Chiffre's threats to kill him and Vesper. Bond holding the magazine Dryden thought was in his gun.

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He holds on to her and comforts her. However, Bond manages to leap onto the tanker.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale (film)

Bond comforts Vesper in the shower after killing Obanno and his thug. Gentle, beautiful, pacifist Emma. After a lengthy round of hands, a break is called.

Hunting Emma Hunting Emma. Vesper arrives, fixes the defibrillator kit and shocks him back to life. Now a marked man, Le Chiffre must find another way to earn the money back so his investors will not kill him.

Bond, using help from Felix Leiter, Mathis and having Vesper pose as his partner, enters the most important poker game in his already dangerous career. Bond faces Le Chiffre in the closing game of the tournament. Take your chances and bet your money on different betting games and see if you're lucky enough to sack more cash. She had intended to pay off Le Chiffre's associates with the money to secure her boyfriend's release. Le Chiffre has Valenka poison Bond's martini with digitalis, aspinalls casino london jobs causing Bond to suffer severe tachycardia.

Watch movie Add to favorite. As Bond goes to leave, M tells Bond to never break into her house again something he will do again in Skyfall. Remember me Forgot password? Subtitle Not Synced Wrong subtitle Missing subtitle.

Bond follows Carlos to Miami International Airport, where he pulls a security uniform out of the bag and puts it on. The destruction of the building on the Grand Canal in Venice. Le Chiffre is called back to his room by his girlfriend, Valenka.

Le Chiffre finally draws a knife and is about to castrate Bond when gunshots are heard outside. When M enters, she is startled and lectures him on proper protocol and conduct. Dryden points a gun at Bond. Bond follows him there where he confronts Dimitrios, after seeing him put a bag away for someone to pick up later.

She tells Bond that Dmitrios is going to Miami. He tries to save Vesper, locked in an old elevator, but is unable to after she commits suicide by drowning herself. Searching through the backpack, he finds a cell phone and a bomb. Each poker player has their money in a Swiss bank in Escrow while they play, and each one has a password to keep the money secured. The two have a vicious fight all the way around the runways while being chased by the Miami-Dade Police.

Sitting on the sailboat he and Vesper had been vacationing on, Bond talks to M, who informs him that Vesper had a boyfriend who was being held by Le Chiffre's organization, Quantum. By continuing on our website you consent to it. Bond races after them in his Aston Martin, but has to swerve violently when he sees Vesper lying bound in the road. Vesper won't give him the buy back money, saying he's going to lose it.

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Casino Royale (film)