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Since informed consent is an ongoing process, there would be a need to readdress confidentiality if the client decides to stay with the counselor. However, since all relationships in my opinion have some inbalance of power I don't think it makes it unethical to pursue one simply since that inbalance exists. But its new draft acknowledges that a blanket ban is too strong. If we succeed in helping the pt to feel better, physically and emotionally, we have done a good job. Some interesting points have been made, here, and I find the issue is less clear to me than it was before reading this thread.

Similar to Part C, this section does not address sexual abuse, but focuses on professional misconduct as a result of inappropriate behaviour. Some criticised the guidance for not being precise enough. Only a fifth of respondents said it would never be appropriate in any circumstance to accept a date with a patient. News that financial support for student nurses is back on the agenda will be welcomed by many across the profession. Ms Devereaux says better education is the key to improving clarity on both where to draw the line and how to report the behaviour of others.

Romantic/sexual relationships

It is what makes those relationships so easy to build and why when people cheat in relationships it is often with coworkers. So exactly where should nurses draw the line about becoming involved with their patients? But we are talking about adults who supposedly should be able to decide for themselves whether or not exploitation is taking effect. Visit the revalidation zone. Does that mean that the counselor needs to call off her engagement?

Doctors allowed to date former patients - Telegraph

To maintain trust, a physician must avoid making or responding to sexual advances. Our online learning units, clinical practice articles, news and opinion stories, male virgin dating site helps you increase your skills and knowledge and improves your practice. Wherever you get the information does not change the fact that it can be used well or poorly. All liability insurance policies that I have seen provide a lawyer and defend a counselor if he or she is accused of sexual contact with a client. All of these considerations seem to be part of demonstrating sound professional judgment.

Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries and Preventing Sexual Abuse

But again if it were me I would most likely wait to accept that first date after the patient was discharge so that I would not accidentally say something that would violate patient confidentiality. In the case mentioned, neither the client nor the counselor was aware of this situation, and therefore the counselor would not break off her engagement or wedding plans. Otherwise people do not know where the line is and it becomes open to interpretation and subjectivity. These include the number of consultations they have previously had with the patient and the length of time since their last appointment, the Daily Mail reported.

No-dating rules for doctors and nurses

A Publication of the American Counseling Association

That said, some nurses believe that making the code of conduct more stringent, rather than less so, may help nurses to make the right decision when faced with such situations. That is why we employ facts, assumptions, values or principles into why we do what we do. While I love ethical discussions, oh to be able to afford to live the life of the great philosophers. Why do I accept the principled approach in this instance?

The revised code expands the time frame to five years. You are presumably educated to work in the profession you do. Sexualizing the relationship is a clear breach of trust.

Should doctors date ex-patients
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  • Nope, it's far more serious than that.
  • Therefore, it is advisable that physicians refrain from engaging in sexual relations with these individuals.
  • Emma Vere-Jones finds out what nurses and regulators think.

Sexual or romantic interactions with clients continue to be prohibited? If so what is that point and how does nursing create or foster it? Rather, the counselor should discuss with the client the change in relationship between the counselor and client to be cousin and cousin-in-law so to speak. As the size of the thread grows often the original point can be lost. To start off, my understanding from the new code is that sexual or romantic interactions between a counselor and a current client continue to be prohibited.

Romantic/sexual relationships - Counseling Today

The key to this scenario is intention. This topic is now closed to further replies. When a patient seeks care from a physician, the patient trusts that the physician is a professional and as such will treat them in a professional manner. Where a physician is in doubt as to whether the physician-patient relationship has ended, they should refrain from any relationship with the patient until they seek advice. You may find yourself a bit suprised at to what violations are as you find yourself going down that slippery slope.

No-dating rules for doctors and nurses - Telegraph

It will be interesting to hear how that came up in the revision discussions and what the thinking was behind that. The guidance sets out boundaries. Trust is the cornerstone of the physician-patient relationship. You begin by mentioning power as the crux, but then speak soley about intimacy.


In doing so, the notions of Hippocrates have been brought into the modern regulation of the profession of medicine. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page. However, just because the potential for ruin is there, it does not necessarily follow that one should not pursue a course of action. The Boundaries Self-Assessment Tool is also a good resource to help physicians understand boundary issues.

Of course, reporting a colleague can be a difficult business. Objectivity is lost, we are then ruled by our emotions first. And conversation has already been initiated by the demands of care.

Do nurses obey the relationship rules

Sexual abuse, Boundaries, Professional misconduct, Crossing the line. All relationships are built on personal information and when the relationship goes sour there is always the chance that you will say or do something which you wish you could take back. There is an artificial intimacy in the caregiving relationship that would not necessarily exist if the caregiving relationship wasn't there. Engaging in any type of sexual or intimate relationship with a current client is abuse of power.

Factors such as whether the professional relationship has ended and whether the doctor is caring for any of their prospective lover's family would also have a bearing. This is the only profession of which a member can ask a person to take their clothes off and find the request usually met with few questions and no resistance. Please remember that the submission of any material is governed by our Terms and Conditions and by submitting material you confirm your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. Qualitative difference yes, dating site questions one is short term and one is long term.

You a right that safeguards should be in place to prevent exploitation. Low graphics Accessibility help. Is there a point where it is so great that it would be immoral? Many of us find this situation uncomfortable.

For example, if a counselor were to have an intimate or sexual relationship with a sibling or a former partner of a client, that could have a potential risk of emotionally harming the client. As well, a physician should ensure that the former patient has a good understanding of the dynamics of the physician-patient relationship and the boundaries applicable to that relationship. It wants to strike a balance between protecting vulnerable patients from abuse and giving doctors autonomy. The public is being asked whether doctors should be able to have sexual relationships with ex-patients without fear of reproach. Sexual relations between physicians and patients have long been considered to be unethical.

Nursing Times

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Nearly two-thirds of nurses have raised concerns about patient safety with their employers but more than one in three whistleblowers said no action was taken, a survey has shown. Also, psychologist online dating physicians or others who operate a facility must report if they have reasonable grounds to believe that a health professional practising in the facility has sexually abused a person. And would it make a difference to you if that nurse was a mental health nurse? Good faith The Royal College of General Practitioners said some practical interpretation might be needed.

  1. The more the nurse is responsible for completing for the patient - that a normal healthy person could do for themselves - the more a false sense of need could arise.
  2. On the pulse Bursaries are back on the agenda, but is the government listening?
  3. To maintain my objectivity with them.
  4. While we can argue till the cows come home that no single theory rules in each and every instance.
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Doctors allowed to date former patients

In most workplaces if you meet someone - client, coworker, etc. You run into a pretty girl at the store - what does she know about you? It's the situations that are not so pure and honorable that are of concern here.

Not something I have ever done, but dating a patient's family member I do not see as a problem. Currently, it strongly advises doctors against dating patients. The guidance sets out boundaries The General Medical Council, the body that regulates doctors, wants to gauge public opinion before updating its advice to doctors. Ending the physician-patient relationship does not eliminate the possibility that sexual contact between a physician and a former patient may be considered to be professional misconduct.

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