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More different than the coins of our age, there is no numbers showing the nominal value of the coin in Ottoman coins and the coins were divided according to their diameters and the weight. This is how all Ottoman Empire proper coins, listed as Turkey in published and online price guides, after are dated. These details requiring special care of the coins issued in have been mentioned in the related pages of these coins.

It is an easily oxidized metal. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It may not fit completely the ones of previous periods, year 18 of which a special permit is required to have it and issued in very different forms. Ottoman Tunisia coins do not have Accession or Regnal Years. So to date this coin we would count like this.

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You do not know any world in Arabic and there is no nominal value on the coin. Can this coin be an Ottoman coin? If it is issued in Ksgar or in Tunisia, fia seat dating it is very easy to identify them. The first thing to be done is to make a tugra in his name. Email required Address never made public.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Since the exact issuance date has been put on the coin. And it is not difficult to determine as you can think. The first thing we have to locate is the Accession Year of the Sultan in question.

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Dating Arabic Coins

Basics 2- Dating Ottoman Coins

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Ottoman Coin

  1. Suppose that you have obtained a coin and there are some writings in Arabic on it.
  2. And at the other side or the same side, it is shown that which year of the reign it was issued.
  3. Although there is no face value indication on the coins, they all have an issuance date.
  4. Ottoman and Turkish coins.
  5. There are two requirements fro proclaiming of being a Sultan, khutba and money issuance in the name of the Sultan.
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  • It is a metal that can be found in the nature in gray color.
  • In order to find the exact issuance date of the money that you have determined the Sultan, diameter, metal and the year.
  • It doesnot have corrosion and similar things since it reacts chemically too hard.
  • In the coins issued in Tunisia, only the date issuance was used instead of the accession date and the year of the reign.
Ottoman and Turkish coins

After you have recognized that you have an Ottoman coin, girls next phase is to determine the era of this coin namely issuance date and the place of issuance. Your ultimate collectibles online store.

Basics 2- Dating Ottoman Coins

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