Matchmaking problems black ops 3, bo3 zombies matchmaking problems adele gray ministries

Very good launch all around from the sounds of it. And I should say that I could get a game or two every hour yesterday. But even then it's running much better than previous entries when someone is experiencing connection issues. The games are super laggy after the in-game update and it is truly unplayable.

PS4 black ops 3 problem with matchmaking - Activision Community

Matchmaking problems black ops 3

Bo3 zombies matchmaking problems Adele Gray Ministries

Clearly it is a problem of the game, so just give us an estimation of the time that it will get fixed. Huh, tips for dating on kinda funny how it works that if you ignore issues they continue to be there. Please help us improve the Call of Duty Community by taking a moment to provide your valuable feedback.

Why would you restrict players to play locally same country. Apologies for the delayed response and this inconvenience. They need to fix this because I haven't been playing multiplayer as much as I want to for this reason. And now I should add something as an update on the issue I mentioned. Now it is worse and I almost can't get even one game.

Matchmaking problems black ops 3
Matchmaking problems black ops 3
Matchmaking problems black ops 3

It is running really great though, amazingly well in fact. So I know nothing is wrong with my internet or harwares or stuff. For God's sake, undo what you did. Well, I can if I wait like minutes per. The game runs beautifully, rules of speed dating better than expected actually.

So please undo what ever you did because the game is completely dead for me and all players in my region now. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. But we console paupers will enjoy a great game on both sides of the fence. With all respect, dating rules from my I'm asking a fix on this issue.

  1. You know where I saw that before as well?
  2. Is there still no dedicated servers for this game?
  3. Believe me this update has ruined the game for many players.

Bo3 matchmaking problem

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The dual server combo is the best. Thank you for being well detailed with your concern. SuperbVillain d ago everything was smooth since i popped it in midnight. Why have you regionally restricted us?

Only had an issue with Zombies matchmaking, multiplayer was fine. Immorals d ago Only had an issue with Zombies matchmaking, multiplayer was fine. It seems players all over the world, and on every platform, are having a hard time connecting to a game right now.

  • Dedicated servers were great when people had crappy internet, now there bound to be at least one person with great internet that everyone can connect to.
  • Please do something and don't tell me it is just me and the issue is with my internet connection.
  • Does this game have dedicated servers yet or not?

New issue with matchmaking since Feb 23rd - Activision Community

Matchmaking problems black ops 3

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Clearly this genius idea has made the game unplayable for many players. Can the support at least care to give an answer?

Matchmaking problems black ops 3

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