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Many of these casinos have failed as being essentially Ponzi schemes. You risk more than just losing money by engaging in this activity.

Would I be right in thinking you have paid his debts before? Post as a guest Post as a member. On top of this are concerns that the banks may be held liable both civilly and criminally if underage card users charge gaming purchases on the cards. Can they put a gambling debt on credit report?

Not sure how that works though. This shell or fake organization in turn launder's the money, and they pass it along to the actual cas ino. You pay the casino with the money you lose so that the casino can pay its employees, develop new software, market itself and give you perks.

In my opinion, it is very difficult for a consumer to lose a chargeback dispute with an online casino, and the bank is likely to refund the money in nearly every case. It however goes both ways, the banks won't side with the casinos on such either. Fortunately I'm due to be paid this week so we'll be ok for all the monthly bills.

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Citi put the money back in my account immeidately. There are a number of reasons that players decide to perform a chargeback with an online casino. He must have woken up the next day with the mother of all hangovers.

Now here's the real kicker, and how you get your money back I know, I've been beating around the bush, so here it is! After reading many horror stories where they ran around paying out large sums of money and people with similar situations as my own, I'm here because I want to make sure I'm doing this right. You need to read your account statement, your account agreement, and any other agreement applicable to your debit card.

The problems facing the banks come during a period of unprecedented regulatory headaches for them. Sportsbook likes to pretend they are a jewelry store I know hilarious. The process for disputing charges will be outlined in one or more of those documents. Although, what I am about to divulge has always worked for me, you are responsible for your own actions, and should you choose to mimic any of my actions, any and all risk is your's to bear.

Their odds are all jacked up and they don't deal cards fairly so I don't feel bad at all. They say the golden rule of gambling is not to gamble after drinking, but the problem with that rule is that after a few drinks the rules disappear. The law will be on your side. If the regulatory environment changes, and more states permit onling gaming, that trend may reverse.

Internet Gambling- Credit Card chargeback - DebtCC

So, you can now see how the cas ino's are breaking the law! The way gaming companies work is they walk a tight rope with the credit card processing companies should as visa. Can anyone who works in a bank tell me how I should approach this? One of these problematic areas surrounds the topic of credit card use and chargebacks. Use the address on the bill for billing disputes, not the address for payments.

Obviously you know already but your husband seems to have serious problems and these need to be tackled as you have already suggested. In these cases, the consumer can simply call up the bank and file a dispute. In the case of major credit cards, it can also lead to an online casino closing completely.

However, in all other situations, always keep in mind that performing a chargeback is a very serious act towards an online casino. Play Smart Making smart choices as an online casino player is central to having an enjoyable casino experience. Online gambling image via Shutterstock. If the transaction was accurately coded as gambling, echeck casinos for us players the bank obviously would deny the charge. This doesn't mean I think people should try to sneak around the law and dispute any losses but again it is the gambling sites risk.

It shows up on your credit card as some other company. This can lead to the casino not being able to offer that credit card to players. And al thou a charge back won't effect your credit rating, it will be on file with your bank and credit card company and they can use that against you at a later date. Furthermore, if you are an addict, don't view this as a get out of free jail card. Unfortunately with debit cards there is far less protection.

Performing a Chargeback against a Fraudulent Casino

Can you tell me what the merchant code says I purchased just to make sure? Whatever the reason is, your attitude as a player is important in ensuring that you can have the best time possible playing casino games online.

Performing a Chargeback against a Fraudulent Casino

Did he use your credit card fraudlulently? Hp I seriously think that Bet have a duty to cut some of the debt for you. Has anyone ever done this successfully, are they actually breaking any laws or would they only do this as a favour? If you want stories, as you can see, there are many stories that you may read by browsing the forum.

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Bank charges transactions back and refunds the consumer. You are afraid of your wife, right? In short, the potential downsides are simply too great for the banks to get involved at this time.

Making Chargebacks for Payments to Online Casinos

Joe Nonety Frequent Poster. In a sense, although this might be a bit extreme, a chargeback is like buying some shoes in a store, and then walking back in and taking your money, while keeping the shoes. And clowns like the guy above this post who say you loose your money fair and square is either working for the online cas inos, or are just plain nieve. That is if this is unusual? Basically I was tricked into believing that what I was doing was legal.

Then, without warning, the federal government swooped in and effectively shut down Neteller. What do I tell the bank direct express mc through Comericia Bank? You dispute a card charge by contacting your card company and disputing it. The reason it's not legal is that even at best the random factor in any computer algorithm uses the modulus mathematical operation, which does not produce any true random results. There are programs that can predict card values though I doubt they worK.

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In cases where a player is scammed by an online casino, or any other fraudulent online business, it of course makes sense to perform a chargeback. How does this relate to chargebacks? What can I do to clear this debt? After I charge back the casinos, I will be blacklisted from all of them.

Internet Gambling- Credit Card chargeback - DebtCC

You see, when you buy something online from say, amazon, the merchant's code will be for merchandise like electronics. Offshore gambling sites now routinely use fake charges such as the ones you describe to disguise the true nature of the charge, to bypass U.

Best of luck - I'll keep you in my thoughts today. They show up on my statement from a fake company with a different amount than what should be. Attachment Add a new file Upload. But I'm sure you're wondering where this comes into play when you want to get your money back, right?