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Searay Searayder sport jet 90

Please explain the oiler system you are referring to? This thing was only used when the motor was ran out of the water. After he did his magic on our pumps they sure seemed to run well. Julian Jetboaters Fleet Admiral Staff member. Running and oil bath for the main bearing is real common, but as previously stated the longitudinal clearance to the wear ring should be about.

An oiler for the wear ring? Just disengage the pump and run the motor as long as you desired. This is what I use, has worked very good to elevate the hard starting.

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Re Where do you hook up water hose to start out of water

SportJet 90 HJ00NX - Parts Lookup - Crowley Marine

My example is my only choice. Raphael Jetboaters Lieutenant. Apparently it was a big issue on the originals or something.

The other one to the motor. Did you ever need to do this? Can I run my pump while the boat is on the trailer? The only way it could thrust forrard is a worn thrust bearing.

Forums New posts Search forums. Could you confirm if the attached picture is the water intake for cooling. The flagpole example is a bit much but I get your point. Is your hard to start when cold?

Sport jet 90 water hook up

Sport jet 90 water hook up Sport-Jet
  1. Right now I havent run it because it wont start and id like to get it started to.
  2. Berks use a rope type seal which isnt as sensitive to heat buildup.
  3. Is is a Mercury jet drive?
  4. Oiler was a simple reservoir with fitting into a drilled and tapped hole throught the housing and wear ring.

For me as long as Im confortable running an engine without water is as long as I'd run the pump without it cheers. Start the motor than turn on the water. And I can't find a water pump. When I hook up to run the boat while on the trailer, here is what I do. Hook a hose to the motor and run it as long as you need too.

Just pull the drive shaft and then the pump won't even come into play. The problem was eventually solved after the invention of the ratchet release. Once this was done we had never had another problem. It had a two stroke Mercury jet drive too. We love the business it creates.

It also gets rid of this banner! Yeah, for I guess it just went right out onto the ground. Zarrella Jetboaters Admiral. Glad you are here update your profile with your location. Make sure the valve leading to the engine is open.

It was nice to find a boat this small that drives like a jetski. If I did run it i would have a hose spraying on the impeller and ware ring, good ice breaker questions for and the motor woulnt be above idle. After I gaulded the wear ring to the impeller on our race pump years ago Don Bowers had built an oiler that was installed. Just expelled to the environment? So will it hurt my Dominator jet?

What brand and size engine does it have? And I believe he had some of the fastest pumps in the country. It dripped such a small amount of oil between the wear ring and the impeller that it was never seen. Bilmon Jetboaters Lieutenant.

Here is what I have been doing for the past year. The packing gland may have to be re-tightened when the boat is used the next time as well. DoubleThrust Jet Boat Addict.

Searay Searayder sport jet 90

A mercury sport jet 240 efi 6 sport jet installation


  • Mine had a electric choke that was initiated by pushing in on the key, check to make sure it is working and the butterflies are closing completely.
  • Open the valve that will allow water to flow from the water hose.
  • That fitting is the only fitting I can see where water would come in.
  • Open the valve below the reservoir and gravity would let slight amount of oil drip in onto the impeller providing some lubrication between the wear ring and the impeller.

Yes this was in our race pump. We are delighted you have found your way to the best Jet Boaters Forum on the internet! And yes I do put a squirt of the proper grease to the thrust bearing each trip.

How to Start a MerCruiser Engine out of Water

We have members with boats from all the major manufacturers including Yamaha, Seadoo, Scarab and Chaparral. We used this in the pump so that we could run it on the trailer.

And yes the pump was set up very tight. Run two hoses one to the clean out on to of the pump. My point is that some of us have no choice.

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